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Clarity Software by DataApex

Clarity Downloads

Download Type Size
Presentation (PowerPoint Files)
Clarity Introduction 2,74 MB
Clarity Basic 2,16 MB
Extensions GPC 1,86 MB
Extensions NGA 932 kB
Extensions PDA 921 kB
Clarity Presentation Package [PPS to ZIP] 7,3 MB
Broschüres (PDF Files)
Hardware UPAD 1.307 kB
Hardware UPAD2 320 kB
Hardware INT7 1745 kB
Hardware INT9 296 kB
Extensions GPC 280 kB
Extensions SST 368 kB
Extensions NGA 333 kB
Validation Kit 415 kB
Print Broschüre 2,37 kB
Clarity Broschüres Package [PDF to ZIP] 6,1 MB
Screenshots (ZIP Packages)
Common 495 kB
GPC 166 kB
NGA 456 kB
PDA 716 kB
SST 289 kB
Validation Kit 1014 kB
All Clarity Screenshots Package [IMG to ZIP] 3 MB

Clarity Hardware

Clarity Screenshots (Examples)