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UV-Lampen & VIS-Lampen

Our deuterium lamps are subject to rigorous quality checks and are delivered with an inidvidual certificate.

Experience of more than 15 years in pre-alignment and manufacruring ensures the ideal lamp for your instrument. Customized specififcations are feasible on request.

For details you can download our UV-Lamps  & VIS-Lamps catalog (on the right side).

UV-Lampen and VIS-Lampen

P/N 092026
P/N 092620
P/N 092725
P/N 094761 VIS Lamp for Unicam (Helios and UV1)
P/N 094761
P/N 192049
P/N 192107
P/N 192109
P/N 192122
P/N 192141
P/N 192204
P/N 192307
P/N 192750
P/N 192883
P/N 192885
P/N 194710
P/N 260021