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HPLC/SEC Column - Oven

Column Oven S 5120

The S 5120 is a contact heat transfer oven for high temperature stability and accuracy. Up to three 350 mm columns can be mounted at the same time.

The S 5120 Column Oven (only heating) has a temperature range base from (ambient +5°C) up to + 150 °C.

S 5120 Column Oven with Heating/Cooling allows to cool down to 4.0 °C (ambient - 15 °C) and up to 100 °C. The temperature is regulated by peltier elements.

Option for S 5120 Column Oven: Temperature / time program. This option for S 5120 Column Oven allows a temperature / time program. So you can use a temperature gradient for HPLC / SEC - columns. The temperature gradient can be freely programmed.

technical specifications

Order Information
Part-no. Description
S 5120 HPLC / SEC - Column oven S 5120 (only heating)
S 5120-01 HPLC / SEC - Column oven S 5120 with Heating/Cooling
S 5120-01-02 Option temperature / time program for HPLC / SEC - Column oven S 5120