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Demo unit for sale!

Demo unit YL9120 UV/Vis - Detector
including YL-Clarity data acquisition system (unit run time < 30h)

Wavelength Range :190-900 nm
Data collection rate : up to 50Hz
Light Source :Deuterium lamp & tungsten lamp
Noise level :<0.5 X 10-5 AU, 254nm, dry cell
Drift:<1 X 10-4 AU/hr
Bandwidth :5.5 nm
Wavelength Accuracy :1 nm
Wavelength Precision :0.1nm
Linearity :> 99.5% for 2.5 AU (acetone, 254nm)
Path Length :10mm ( Analytical cell )
Cell Volume :10┬ÁL ( Analytical cell )

YL9120 UV/Vis Detektor Demo unit
Special Price for Demo Unit: 3999,00 €, net, ex work, full warranty
List price: 5.400,00€ you save more than 25%